Born and raised in Central New Jersey, Kamaron has loved writing since the day she learned how. Studying nonfiction writing and American history at Sarah Lawrence College deepened her passion for storytelling. After several internships in news and media, she landed in financial services at LendingTree in an editorial capacity. Three years later, armed with a newfound obsession with how money works, she moved into a writer role at theSkimm for a year before becoming a money reporter at CNBC Make It. Kamaron loves cooking, eating, working out, singing, dancing, traveling, and watching TV. Her favorite writers are Michael Harriot, Hunter Harris, and Sloane Crosley.


Kamaron started Perfectly Offensive in 2013 to express her opinions and thoughts about things happening around her. The posts have grown and evolved just like she has over the years. She wants to continue to write and share as she goes through different experiences and her opinions change and develop. The one principle she has that has been the motto since day one: she’s not sorry. If a post offends you, or you disagree, Kamaron invites you to comment, rebut, do whatever you need to do. Her favorite thing about this country is the first amendment, and the freedom of speech we have here. She clearly exercises that right, and encourages all her readers to do the same.