Born and raised in Central New Jersey, Kamaron has loved writing since the day she learned how. She graduated from the Hun School of Princeton in spring of 2014 then matriculated to Sarah Lawrence College in the fall where she hit the ground running joining student senate and the softball team. Graduating from Sarah Lawrence in 2018, Kamaron joined The Daily Beast as an intern for the summer before starting full time at LendingTree where she currently works. Kamaron loves cooking, eating, working out, singing, dancing, traveling, and watching TV. Her favorite writer is Sloane Crosley.


I started Perfectly Offensive in 2013 to express my opinions and thoughts about things happening around me. The posts have grown and evolved just like I have over the years. I want to continue to write and share as I go through different experiences and my opinions change and develop. The one principle I have that has been the motto since day one: I’m not sorry. If a post offends you, or you disagree, I invite you to comment, rebut, do whatever you need to do. My favorite thing about this country is the first amendment, and the freedom of speech we have here. I clearly exercise that right, and I encourage all my readers to do the same.

Don’t take that right for granted.